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The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) outlines what is essential for all Victorian students to learn during their time at school from Prep to Year 10.

VELS provide a set of common state-wide standards which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.  Independent schools enjoy a high degree of autonomy over their curriculum. Many have opted to implement the Victorian Essential Learning Standards VELS. Government and Catholic schools use VELS as their framework.

Information about the VELS curriculum and teacher support materials can be located at:

The site provides information including:

  • Overview            

Information about the structure and design of the VELS.

This section also includes information for parents including NAPLAN.

  • Background      

Information about the process of developing the VELS and the research that underpins its design and content.

  • Standards          

The Prep to Year 10 curriculum is described in the standards and learning focus statements for each domain. The standards can be viewed or downloaded either by domain or level.

  • Domains             

Domains are distinct bodies fo knowledge, skills and behaviours.  Each domain has its own section which includes its structure and standards, suggested approaches to teaching and links to resources.

  • Teaching Support

A range of materials to support teachers in implementing the VELS includes Assessment Maps, Progression Point examples, Sample Units and other resources including ESL Companion to VELS, Students with Disabilities guidelines and Teaching, Learning and Assessment advice.

  • School Implementation

Resources to assist schools to implement curriculum at a whole school level, which includes planning advice and downloadable templates.

The Principles of Learning and Teaching P – 12 (PoLT) articulate six principles that can be used by schools, teams of teachers and individuals to reflect on practice and support professional dialogue to strengthen pedagogical practices.

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VELS and Independent Schools Information Sheet
Closing the Loop is a paper produced by DE&T to outline the coherence established between curriculum (VELS), pedagogy (PoLT), assessment and reporting within the Blueprint for Government Schools Flagship Strategy 1 – Student learning. [Password required]

Early Years Framework

Outcomes, principles and practices essential to support the learning of young children.

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