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  Education systems and sectors are working in a new and exciting context of review, collaboration and development around the country. Expectations of teachers – by governments, the public, parents, students and teachers themselves – have never been higher. Within this context there is an increasing call for a greater understanding of what might be expected of an effective teacher. This section outlines the key areas of registration, standards and performance and development and the structures that support them.

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sharingSharing practice

Educators learn very effectively from each other. Insights and practices of one teacher can spark the next practice for others who have an opportunity to see the practice in action. Go to our sharing practice pages to see examples of what others are doing in their schools…

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Independent schools are implementing the Australian curriculum from 2013. Some are using Victorian Curriculum (formerly AusVELS) as their curriculum framework. All schools are required to offer curriculum in the eight learning areas specified in the Melbourne Declaration.

Independent schools meet and, more often than not, exceed required minimum standards set by government educational authorities. Find out more about curriculum.

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early2Early years

High-quality preschool and early years learning programs enhance children’s all round cognitive, language and social development and have a significant impact on health and wellbeing. Research indicates that learning which takes place before children turn seven is critical – the first seven years of a child’s life is a time for building knowledge. See the latest early years information.

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