Performance and Development

Teacher with student sitting down at tableThe quality of teaching is the most significant in-school factor affecting student outcomes. There is strong evidence that better appraisal and feedback leading to targeted development can improve teacher performance

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) has developed the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework [PDF] to strengthen a performance and development culture in all schools that focuses on improving teaching and, through this, improving student learning. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers are referenced extensively throughout the Framework.

Purpose of the Framework

  • A new resource for Australia’s teachers
  • Supports teachers to receive effective performance and development opportunities
  • Ensures that every teacher, in every school receives regular, appropriate and constructive feedback on their performance
  • Provides opportunities to identify areas for development
  • Provides effective and ongoing support to further improve practice

Materials are available from the AITSL Newsroom to support this initiative.

Some implementation support has been provided to Independent schools through the Rewards for Great Teachers Funding Agreement between Independent Schools Victoria and the Australian Government.