Teacher Registration

Teacher with studentLike other professions occupying positions of trust and responsibility, teachers are required to be registered in order to practise their profession.

Victorian Institute of Teaching

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) is a statutory authority for the regulation of the teaching profession in Victoria established by the Victorian Institute of Teaching Act 2001. The Institute is a regulatory body, registering teachers working in Victorian government, Catholic and Independent schools. All practising Victorian school teachers must be registered by the Institute.


Teachers who hold full registration have met prescribed standards of professional practice. To continue registration teachers must maintain these standards. This means that they have to renew their registration periodically. By renewing their registration teachers are demonstrating to the community that they maintain currency in their professional knowledge and practice and continue to be a suitable person to teach.


VIT has developed a Code of Conduct that is a set of principles or standards for the behaviour and conduct of all Victorian teachers. It does not cover every specific situation but provides guidelines for ethical behaviour.  The Code of Conduct is based on the core values articulated by the profession in the Code of Ethics which was published in 2005. VIT administers a disciplinary function to investigate complaints against registered teachers.