Two girls reading a book together.The Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being, Becoming

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The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) describes the outcomes, principles and practices essential to support and enhance young children’s learning. It has a beautiful title: Belonging, Being, Becoming, which is respectful and inclusive of all children and families.

The curriculum has a strong emphasis on play as an effective vehicle for learning. There are many ways to interpret what ‘play based learning’ is, but it is important to remember that the child’s capacity to absorb information and learning is never as dynamic and efficient as in the first few years of life. Intentional learning goals for young children will dramatically enhance their development of knowledge. Building education opportunities into play is part of the educator’s role as it is elaborated in the research and documentation about the EYLF, which was based on the latest research about how children learn.

The Belonging, Being, Becoming framework elaborates concepts related to creating a stimulating and nurturing educational environment for young children. Central to its purpose is the development of close relationships between and amongst children, families and educators.

Many of the centres in Victorian Independent schools have long delivered programs that fit their philosophical foundations and ideas about best practice. The spirit of EYLF is not to replace the practice of individual centres, but to develop the thinking that underpins the practice in a way that it reflects the quality standard Australia is working towards globally in the provision of early learning. See also the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) which closely mirrors EYLF.

Positive Transition to School

In Victoria, early childhood educators communicate with the teachers who will be receiving their students in Prep when they embark on formal schooling. The initiative for a positive transition to schools has been in process since 2009. Families’, teachers’ and students’ points of view are recorded on a Learning and Development Statement (LADS) during the final year of preschool. This is forwarded to the child’s school in November and is characterised by a strengths based approach [PDF].

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