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Independent Schools Victoria values the crucial role of the early childhood educators in more than eighty of our Member Schools. Our aim is to support you to operate the many and varied Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) programs designed for our youngest students. We offer you a one-stop pathway to access relevant information and resources.

Email Helen Schiele, Senior Advisor, Early Years at Independent Schools Victoria with your queries, suggestions or ideas.

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Introduction of the National Quality Framework

We are living through a formative and historic stage in our profession. Important developments in curriculum, compliance and management have recently come into effect. The Independent schools sector has always operated in accordance with best practice in ECEC. Now, as well representing a broad range of philosophies and delivering unique programs, we now all come under the umbrella of the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Persons working in ECEC environments must be certified to supervise the children in their care. Under the new regulations it must be ensured that the relevant persons are registered with the Department of Early Childhood Education and Development (DEECD) as a certified supervisor, or a nominated supervisor.

Our intention at Independent Schools is to assist you to negotiate the complex issues of curriculum and compliance and to have information at your fingertips. Follow the links on the left sidebar for detailed information about the NQF and National Curriculum: Belonging, Being Becoming. See below for resources to support your practice.

  • Regulations
  • Curriculum
  • Health and Inclusion.


There is a wide ranging and up-to-date bank of resources available to the ECEC industry. Belonging to professional organisations and subscribing to ecommunications often means that this information will land on your desk without you having to go to any trouble.

Links and Resources – Professional Bodies that Support the ECEC Industry

External linkAustralian Early Childhood Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)

External linkVictorian Government Department of Education and Training (Vic DET)

External linkEarly Childhood Australia (ECA)

External linkReggio Emilia Australian Information Exchange

External linkGowrie Victoria

External linkFKA Children’s Services

External linkKindergarten Parents Victoria Inc

Links and Resources – Enhance Teaching

External linkEarly Childhood Australia – Early Learning Journals

External linkEarly Childhood Australia – Catalogue

External linkEarly Childhood Australia – Code of Ethics

External linkGowrie Victoria Library

External linkGowrie Victoria Bookshop

External linkReggio Emilia Australian Information Exchange Resources

External linkEarly Childhood Intervention Australia

External linkFKA Children’s Services Library

Links and Resources – Professional Learning Opportunities

External linkIndependent Schools Victoria – Seminars

External linkGowrie Victoria Training

External linkReggio Emilia Australian Information Exchange

External linkFKA Children’s Services Training

Links and Resources – Other Resources for Online Learning: Video Presentations and Newsletters

External linkVEYLDF online learning Modules 1-4

External linkEYLF Professional Learning Group (EYLFPLP)

External linkEarly Years Alert (VCAA)

External linkEarly Years Exchange (VEYLDF)

External linkACECQA Newsletters

External linkResearch E-Lert for Early Childhood Education and Care