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Young boy and girl painting while their female teacher looks on.Welcome to all families of young children.

Are you looking for an Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) facility for your child?

Independent School Victoria is vitally aware of the importance of providing a quality educational environment for your child and you can choose from over 80 Victorian Independent schools which have ECEC facilities.

Research proves that careful nurturing, well designed education programs and  opportunities to play in the early years are crucial in determining children’s learning success. It also affects their emotional intelligence, evolving life skills and resilience.

Children’s Play is a Way of Learning

During play, children explore their understanding of events, relationships and meanings in the world around them. Environments that encourage play are rich in resources and materials and offer time for constructive social interaction. Educators plan play experiences to provide opportunities for intentional teaching and learning. It is within the framework of play that children lay down the foundations for literacy, numeracy, and other knowledge areas.

The Right to Choose your Child’s Education

Independent Schools Victoria values the right of parents to choose the education that they want for their children. A broad range of religious, cultural and philosophical views are represented within the body of Member Schools.


Birth to 24 Months:

A few of our Member School centres have rooms for babies and toddlers. The staff ratio is one educator to four children and the individual needs of our youngest children are catered for. The environment is set up to encourage exploration.

Over 24 months to less than 36 months:

In this age group, the educator to child ratio is also 1:4, ensuring that children are nurtured while they enjoy a stimulating environment for exploration and play. Intentional teaching occurs as the children negotiate the program each day.

Over 36 months up to and school age:

Three and four-year-old kindergarten provides children with the opportunity to use their rapidly developing brains to gain knowledge, exercise their creativity and develop social and emotional intelligence. The environment is set up to encourage learning and to facilitate quality relationships between and amongst staff, children and families. A spirit of inclusion and cognisance of students’ individual needs is uppermost in the planning of kindergarten programs.


A few schools operate Pre-Prep programs in the year before school, catering for four and five year old children, some of whom may be attending a second year of kindergarten.

The transition from preschool to formal school is important and families and students are invited to contribute to a detailed Learning and Development Statement (LADS).  With the parents’ permission, the LADS is provided to each child’s Prep teacher in November of the year prior to commencing school.

The National Quality Framework

Independent schools’ ECEC facilities have their own individual philosophies and programs but all are required to adhere to the National Quality Framework (NQF), which came into effect throughout Australia on 1 January 2012. To become informed about this you can refer to the national curriculum Belonging, Being, Becoming,  Parent Information Brochure for Families.

Out of School Hours Care

Out of school hours care (OSHC) for our youngest students is also available at many of our Member Schools. All OSHC programs operate under the guidelines of the new My Time, Our Place Framework.

To find a list of Independent Schools Victoria Member Schools which offer ECEC, please refer to the Find a School Locator.

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