These teachers of Asian languages use a range of ICT solutions in their classrooms to enhance and accelerate their students’ acquisition of Indonesian and Japanese.

This secondary teacher of Indonesian uses a range of ICT with her students to provide an engaging and innovative language learning experience and to create opportunities for students to use their Indonesian language with native speakers. She is supporting a beginning teacher of Indonesian from another school and together they explore and reflect on the use of iPads in the teaching and learning of Indonesian, using an action research approach.

This innovative teacher of Japanese provides her students with a diverse range of experiences in her beautiful Japanese classroom. Students regularly connect via video conference with schools in Japan to enrich their intercultural understanding. They use a range of ICTs including an interactive eBook the teacher created to support students’ Japanese reading and speaking skills, as well as interactive whiteboard tools and film making using claymation to provide opportunities for differentiation. Low tables with zabuton cushions provide an ideal space for group and individual work while the tatami mats in the reading corner provide a quiet, reflective space.