Managing a School

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Tailoring our services to meet the needs of our diverse membership of more than 200 Member Schools amid significant and continuing legislative, regulatory and social change, requires expertise and experience.

Some information in this area is password protected for Member Schools. The Principal of each Member School is allocated a password to access information. For password enquiries, email Kate Anderson.

aboutAbout Students

Parents send their children to Independent schools for quality education in a secure and happy environment where the students are able to fully develop their abilities and talents and take responsibility for their own lives. To find out more, visit about students.

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fundApplying for Funding

Information for Principals, Business Managers and Finance Committees about Victorian and Australian government funding and accountability.

To find out more, visit applying for funding.

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comtealCompliance Framework

All schools are responsible for the well being and safety of students and staff and must also comply with, and be accountable for funding and administration of government programs. The Independent Schools Victoria Compliance Framework list topics alphabetically to enable school leaders, administrators and staff to quickly find regulations and advice. Member Schools visit the Compliance Framework pages every school day and seek telephone assistance from our staff almost as often.

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empEmployment Relations

Member Schools’ human resource personnel value our employment relations team for information covering, among other matters:legislative and regulatory requirements, enterprise agreements, managing change, privacy concerns, equal opportunity issues and WorkCover claims.

The Principal of each school is allocated a password to enter the Employment relations section to access information. For password enquiries, email Rujuta Gohil.

compGovernance Guidelines

Governance is a major focus for Independent Schools Victoria. We conduct briefings for school boards and council and provide governance guidelines on the website and in print. It is essential for each school to implement and integrate good governance practices in the context of its own, unique environment – this is a requirement of legislators, courts, insurers and parents.

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earlyGovernment Programs

Member Schools have benefited from the expansion of government programs administered by experienced Independent Schools Victoria staff. Our role is to alert Member Schools to government programs and assist with the administration by liaising with federal or state education departments. In many cases, we discuss with governments the form and nature of programs to ensure that they meet the needs of Independent schools.

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membersMembers’ Area

Member Schools receive confidential information relating to management and policy issues. The Principal of each school is allocated a password to enter the Members’ Area to access information. For password enquiries, email Kate Anderson.