About Students

The care, safety and welfare of students are always a high priority for all independent schools. Policies and procedures are incorporated into all aspects of school life to provide students with a safe and secure environment.

Health and Safety

All schools have a duty of care to provide a healthy and safe environment for their students. Ensuring a whole school approach to health and safety assists in creating and maintaining a respectful and engaging school environment. Find out more about health and safety.

Students with Individual Needs

All schools promote a school culture that caters for a wide variety of student needs in an inclusive supportive environment.

Student Wellbeing

All staff are responsible for student wellbeing. A whole school approach to the promotion of student wellbeing increases student motivation, participation and engagement. Student wellbeing plays a pivotal role in supporting the students effective academic, social and emotional functioning and enhances student achievement.

Careers Counselling

School staff provides students with advice and guides them to sources of information on career pathways and opportunities. Schools provide students with career development programs and services that assist them with knowledge, skills and capabilities to make the best possible educational, training and career choices to support their lifelong learning and career planning.