The Victorian Independent Schools Block Grant Authority (VIS BGA) Ltd administers Australian and Victorian Government programs to improve educational outcomes for Independent school students by providing funding to assist with developing school infrastructure.

Established in 1989, VIS BGA’s primary objective is to carry out the functions of a block grant authority, as described in the Schools Assistance Act 2008.

Australian Government programs administered through the VIS BGA are:

The VIS BGA administers the Victorian Government’s Interest Subsidy Scheme for Non-Government Schools.

When applying for funding under the Capital Grants Program , a school must become a BGA participant by entering into a written agreement with the BGA which, amongst other things, binds the school to :

  • accept the BGA’s administrative processes and procedures, and
  • remain a member of the BGA for a minimum period of three years

Master Planning

A master plan is much more than a drawing. It provides an opportunity to think strategically, long term, and to align a school’s vision, goals and objectives with the built form. A master plan provides a school community with reassurance that the School Board has a clear and well-founded base for future direction.

Master planning is a process which examines every aspect of a school’s physical and education al environment – past, present and future. In essence, a master plan will explain:

  • where your school is now
  • where your school wants to be
  • how your school will get there.

Access the ISV Guide to Master Planning here (PDF).