Day to day operational issues including records management, food safety and privacy.

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Do you need to comply?

Yes – if conducting a fundraising activity such as a fete, trivia night or similar activity.

Conditions of compliance

1. Parents’ club/association

  • Is it a legal entity?
  • Is it able to enter into contracts with commercial operators?

2. Volunteers

  • legal liability
  • compensation for personal injury suffered
  • working with children check

3. Commercial operators

  • written contracts
  • indemnity clauses
  • insurance

4. School’s insurance

5. Amusement rides and equipment

  • acceptability of such items

6. Licenses

  • Alcohol consumption requires a temporary license
  • Food Handling.

If you have to comply, what do you have to do?

Check with your insurer and check with WorkCover.

What are the consequences if you don’t comply?

You may be the subject of legal action if an incident occurred.

Who will help you?

Independent Schools Victoria contact:

Peter Roberts
Director, School Services
Ph. 03 9825 7211

Kieren Noonan
School Services Advisor
Ph. 03 9825 7275


PDFWorkSafe Victoria: OHS Regulation 2007 – Ensuring Public Safety for Certain Plant and Machinery Fact Sheet

Links and Resources

External linkVic DET: School Policy and Advisory Guide – Fetes

External linkDepartment of Health: Food Safety

External linkDepartment of Health: Food Safety Information (includes information on community even requirements under the food safety requirements)

External linkWorkSafe Victoria website

InformationWorkSafe advisory service:
Telephone (03) 9641 1444
1800 136 089 (Toll Free)
Email: info@worksafe.vic.gov.au