Security Risk Management

Issues such as buildings and grounds, and essential services maintenance.

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Do you need to comply?

No, however schools are encouraged to implement risk management strategies for the safety and wellbeing of their students and staff and the protection of school buildings and property.

Conditions of compliance

As part of their duty of care, schools may choose to develop a risk management strategy to minimise criminal acts against students, staff and school property and grounds.

Schools should consider minimising the opportunity for criminal activity when developing a risk management strategy by:

  • identifying risk areas
  • removing or reducing some risk areas
  • installing locks or grilles to windows and doors
  • installing electronic surveillance systems such as closed circuit television
  • trimming foliage to allow natural surveillance
  • having adequate lighting
  • putting up fences if necessary.

If you have to comply, what do you have to do?

The Independent Schools Victoria Security Risk Management Toolbox (Member School password required) is a collection of guidance material that will assist schools in developing a security risk management strategy. The material should be used in conjunction with the following Australian Standards and Codes of Practice:

  • AS/NZSISO 31000: 2009 – Risk Management
  • HB 167:2006 – Security Risk Management
  • HB 292:2006 – Business Continuity Management
  • AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17799:2006/Amdt 1:2008 – Information Technology – Security Techniques – Codes of Practice for Information Security Management
  • AS 3745-2010/Amdt1-2014 – Planning for Emergencies in Facilities
  • Emergency Management Manual Victoria.

What are the consequences if you don’t comply?

You may be in breach of your occupational health and safety responsibilities and duty of care obligations to your students and staff.

Who will help you?

Independent Schools Victoria contact:

Peter Roberts
Director, School Services
Ph. 03 9825 7211

Kieren Noonan
School Services Advisor
Ph. 03 9825 7275

Document for Downloads

PDFISV: Security Risk Management Toolbox (Members’ Area password required)

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