Facts, Figures and Funding

A senior student helping a younger girl with her readingVictorian parents and students can choose to attend Independent, Catholic or government schools. Nearly a third of Victoria’s schools are non-government, and they are attended by more than 36 per cent of all Victorian students. More than 41 per cent of Victorian students in Year 11 and 12 attend non-government schools.

Over 200 Independent schools provided different educational philosophies within the context of families’ cultural, religious and social needs. Independent schools support the diversity of Australia by educating nearly 129,000 students in Victoria from across the cultural spectrum.

According to the most recent data, in 2010-11, families making their personal educational investment in Independent schools saved Victorian taxpayers approximately $869 million annually or around $435 a year for every Victorian taxpayer. Continuing government support for all schools helps to maintain an educational balance and to promote a robust and diverse Australian education system.

Funding and Fees

All Australian schools receive their income from federal, state and territory government funding, fees and fund raising. More and more Australians are sharing with governments the cost of education, by sending their children to Independent schools. All Australian students, wherever they go to school, are entitled to receive government funding support, dependent on their individual needs.

This view is supported by our Funding Principles. Find more information that will dispel common myths about funding.

One common misunderstanding is that non-government schools receive more government funding than government schools. This is wrong. Visit our Funding Facts page to get the right information.

The Australian Government’s Review of Funding for Schooling will make recommendations about the future of government support for all Australian schools. Read Independent Schools Victoria’s submissions on our Funding Review page.

As not-for-profit organisations, Independent schools set their fees to ensure that they are able to cover the costs of delivering a quality education. Visit out School fees page to see how they achieve this balance.

School and Student Numbers

The non-government school sector comprises Independent schools and groups of schools administered by a central organisation, for example Catholic parish schools. Detailed information about the variety and number of Independent schools in Victoria and the students they enrol can be found on our School and student numbers page.


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