Building the Education Revolution

Construction of school building behind security fence, showing grassed area and freshly planted tree in foreground. The Commonwealth Government committed funding of $14.7 billion over three years to provide new facilities and refurbishments in Australian schools to meet the needs of 21st  century students and teachers through the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program.

 The three elements of the BER Program are:

  • Primary Schools for the 21st Century – $12.4 billion for all Australian primary schools, K-12 schools (primary school component) and special schools to build new facilities such as libraries, multipurpose halls or classrooms, or to upgrade existing facilities.
  • Science and Language Centres for 21st  Century Secondary Schools – $1 billion for the construction of new science laboratories or language learning centres.
  • National School Pride program – $1.288 billion for all schools in Australia, government and non-government, for funding for minor capital works and maintenance projects.

Applications for this program have now closed. For further information, please contact the BER Support Team.