Funding Facts

A smiling student in uniform reviewing her text books. Non-government schools do not receive more government funding than government schools. State and territory governments provide the bulk of their funding to government schools, and most government funding for school education is provided by state and territory governments. The Australian Government, which provides a smaller amount of total funding for education, does provide more funding to non-government schools than to government schools.

In 2012-2013, Victorian schools received the following government funding:

Total funding
Gov. Non-Gov. Catholic* Independent*
Victorian Government $6.580 billion $631 million $445 million $187 million
Australian Government $1.011 billion $2.073 billion $1.400 billion $673 million
Total Government funding $7.590 billion $2.704 billion $1.844 billion $860 million


Funding per capita
Gov. Non-Gov. Catholic* Independent*
Victorian Government $11,952 $1943 $2224 $1490
Australian Government $1835 $6379 $7001 $5378
Total Government funding $13,787 $8322 $9225 $6868

* Data has been obtained from the Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services, 2015, which only compares government and non-government schools. Estimates on the allocation of funding between Catholic and Independent schools have been calculated by Independent Schools Victoria.

Independent schools saved Victorian taxpayers approximately $866 million annually or around $274 a year for every Victorian taxpayer.


PDFFunding for Independent Schools 2017