Across the Board

In today’s ‘corporate’ climate, the issue of ‘governance’ is a hot topic and one which every school must consider in the context of its own, unique environment.

Independent Schools Victoria is committed to providing relevant and up to date information to Victorian Independent schools and has prepared a series of guidelines called Across the Board in conjunction with legal advisers.

All reasonable care has been taken in preparing these guidelines, however, they are necessarily generic in nature and whilst Independent Schools Victoria is always willing to provide whatever assistance it can, where applicable members should seek specific legal advice.

  1. Purpose
  2. Governance
  3. Applying Principles of Good Governance to Schools
  4. Legal Status of Schools
  5. Primary Legislation Governing Schools
  6. Ancillary Legislation
  7. Funding and Operating Agreement
  8. Structure of the School and Delegation of Powers
  9. The Key Roles of the School Board and its Members
  10. Legal Obligations and Potential Liability of Board Members
  11. Conflicts of Interest
  12. Charter for the School Board
  13. Constitution of the Board and Selection of Board Members
  14. Orientation and Ongoing Education for Board Members
  15. Retention of Board Members
  16. Succession Planning
  17. The Key Roles of the Chair
  18. Legal Obligations of the Chair
  19. The Key Roles of the Principal
  20. Relationship Management
  21. Performance Management
  22. Compliance and Risk Management
  23. Board Meetings
  24. Establishing Committees on the Board
  25. Whistle Blowers
  26. Additional Resources
  27. Appendix 1 – Selection Process
  28. Appendix 2 – Board Skills Matrix
  29. Appendix 3 – Performance Management