15. Retention of Board Members

Board Members usually are volunteers. This provides a special challenge to ensure that valued Board Members are properly supported and, therefore, retained. It is appropriate that the Chair maintains continuing consultation (on both a formal and informal basis) and provides ongoing support to Board Members.

One issue for consideration is whether or not to implement constitutionally enshrined tenure limits.  A fixed three-year term with a maximum of three terms is generally appropriate.

Tips for achieving a good retention rate of Board Members, include

  • recruiting people who not only fulfil a skill requirement needed on the Board but who also share the same vision and values as other Board Members
  • recruiting people who are a culture match with the School
  • recruiting people who are completely committed to the School and who understand the availability requirements for a Board Member
  • providing clarity in relation to roles and responsibilities
  • ensuring that each Board Member feels included and valuable to the team
  • ensuring that Board processes and decision-making are open, transparent and fair
  • operate the Board professionally
  • ensure that the Chair has the leadership skills required to effectively chair the Board
  • making an effort to develop and maintain relationships.