Redefine the way you prepare for board meetings and how you collaborate with your team.

Independent Schools Victoria is committed to supporting the ongoing and changing needs of our Member Schools and with this in mind, we are pleased to introduce iSource.

iSource has been specifically developed for school and school board use, redefining the way you prepare for meetings and communicate with your board members.

iSource is a simple, yet powerful and secure collaboration tool that will change the way you interact with your board. It enables material to be delivered directly to board members’ devices. Updates are distributed instantly with notifications sent to the user, ensuring that board members always have up-to-date data. Information is confidential and secure, able to be accessed by only the school and their board. Printed copies of board papers are no longer needed – sensitive information about your school cannot be lost or stolen.

Suitable for Whole-School Use

iSource can be utilised by other groups within your school (e.g. staff), who can share and collaborate on documents from any location – increasing communication and efficiency throughout the school. It can also provide a way for your school community to access newsletters, announcements and other information all in one place. You can even customise the interface to reflect your school’s branding.

iSource makes it easy to:

  • manage and protect your sensitive and confidential information
  • distribute and store documents securely and confidently
  • collaborate with your team quickly and efficiently
  • annotate documents privately or share your thoughts with others
  • organise and reschedule events and meetings
  • create and manage user groups.

For more information on how iSource can help you, please watch the video tutorials below.

To see for yourself how iSource can streamline your processes and save you money, please contact the iSource team.

Downloads and Links

External linkUser Overview Video

External linkAdministration Overview Video

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