Government Programs

On behalf of the Victorian and Australian Governments, Independent Schools Victoria manages specific purpose programs and administers government funding for Victorian Independent schools. These programs are designed to improve the educational outcomes and opportunities for students with particular types of educational disadvantage, and for programs and initiatives of statewide or national importance.

Victorian Government Programs

In 2015, the Victorian Government will continue to provide funding for Victorian Independent schools under the following programs:

  • State Support Services, which assists schools to provide speech therapy and visiting teacher services to students
  • Developing Resiliency, which helps schools to implement primary prevention and early intervention programs to improve student wellbeing and resiliency
  • State Interest Subsidy Scheme, which provides support for schools to repay borrowings undertaken to finance capital expenditure.

The first two programs are administered by Independent Schools Victoria, while the Interest Subsidies program is administered by the Victorian Independent Schools Block Grant Authority (VIS BGA).The VIS BGA also administer Capital Grants and State Capital Program.

The additional Students with Disability funding provided to schools through the Victorian Government’s Financial Assistance Model (FAM) will also continue to be administered by Independent Schools Victoria.

The Victorian Government has indicated that it will conduct a review in 2015 of all funding programs for schools. As a consequence, it is not yet known what Victorian Government funding programs will be available in 2016 and beyond.

Ongoing Australian Government Programs

In 2015, the Australian Government will continue to provide funding for Victorian Independent schools under the Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) program, which prepares students for specific careers within the workplace, or supports their transition to vocational and/or higher education.

Independent Schools Victoria will also administer the Australian Government’s Students First Support Fund, which supports schools to implement the goals and targets outlined in the Australian Education Act 2013.

Please contact Robyn Kamvissis on 9825 7244 for further information regarding all ongoing Victorian and Australian Government programs.

Changes to Australian Government Programs

Significant changes were made to Australian Government funding in 2014. With the introduction of the Australian Education Act 2013, many of the Targeted Programs that had previously been administered by Independent Schools Victoria were discontinued. This affected the following programs that had formerly been administered by Independent Schools Victoria:

  • Literacy, Numeracy and Special Learning Needs Program, incorporating:
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Students with Disability
  • Languages other than English Program
  • Country Areas Program
  • English as a Second Language – New Arrivals Program
  • Australian Government Quality Teacher Program
  • Smarter Schools National Partnerships, incorporating:
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Low Socioeconomic Status School Communities
  • Improving Teacher Quality.

An amount equivalent to the funding that schools received under these programs in 2013 was added to the calculation of schools’ 2014 recurrent funding. These sums are not separately identified within schools’ general recurrent funding allocations. Schools that wish to continue school-based programs that had previously been funded under Australian Government Targeted Programs need to provide their own funds, either from general recurrent funding or from other sources.