State Capital Program

The Victorian Government Capital Funding Program for Non-Government Schools 2015-16 to 2018-19 aims to assist schools with the greatest needs, with capital grants available across two project categories:

Category 1      Expanding capacity in areas of Victoria experiencing significant enrolment demand

Category 2      Upgrading school facilities according to need.

Non-government school authorities and Independent schools are primarily responsible for establishing, maintaining and upgrading school facilities. However, this program will provide an opportunity for schools in need of assistance to apply for supplementary funds for planned capital development.

Application and assessment procedures for this Victorian Government Program will broadly follow BGA procedures already in place for the Australian Government Capital Grants Program, noting that specific assessment criteria applies to this Victorian Government Capital Funding Program:

Assessment Criteria Project Category
The project will provide additional enrolment capacity in response to proven enrolment demand. Category 1
a)    The school is located in a growth area as defined by the Metropolitan Planning Authority; or

b)    The school is located in regional Victoria; or

c)    The school is located in a suburb of localised population growth.

Category 1
The facilities at the school are below standard (for upgrade projects). Category 2
The school has a financial and socioeconomic need for assistance. Category 1 and 2
The project meets stated project outcomes. Category 1 and 2
Planning permits have been issued. Category 1 and 2

For further information on eligibility and assessment criteria, please see the Operational Guidelines as published by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training, available below.

Please visit the Applying for Funding page for information on how to apply for the Victorian Government Capital Funding Program.

If you have any queries, please contact: Angela Dynan on (03) 9825 7287 and Lindy McArdle on (03) 9825 7218.


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