Principals in Profile – Rabbi James Kennard

Rabbi James Kennard, Principal, Mount Scopus Memorial College

Rabbi James Kennard has served as Principal of Mount Scopus Memorial College since 2007, having moved from the United Kingdom with his wife Vicky and five children. Ten years later, three of those children and four grandchildren now live in Israel.

Previously, he served as Head of Broughton Jewish Primary school in Manchester and then as Head of King Solomon High School in London. Throughout his career, Rabbi Kennard has taught Maths and Jewish Studies, and enjoys active involvement in both ‘sides’ of a denominational school.

Under his leadership, Mount Scopus Memorial College has grown in numbers and in esteem, and has twice topped the table of VCE achievement, even ahead of the selective schools.

Rabbi Kennard writes and lectures widely in the Jewish community in Melbourne and interstate.

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This video is part of the Principals in Profile series.