Media Releases – 2013 Archives

The Chief Executive, Michelle Green is the spokesperson for Independent Schools Victoria and appears in print and on radio and television.

Media seeking comments from Michelle Green should ring Tom Hyland on (03) 9825 7217 or on 0417 562 924.

2013 Media Releases

PDFIndependent Schools Victoria Welcomes National Funding Model

2 December 2013

We welcome the Coalition government’s commitment to implement a funding model
that has three essential elements – it is to be national, fair and needs-based.

PDFReliable Data must Underpin Changes to School Funding

27 November 2013

The proposal by federal Education Minister, Mr Christopher Pyne, to go back to the drawing board on national funding for education is an opportunity to ensure that new arrangements are based on reliable data.

PDFGovernment’s National Commitment to Improving Education Welcomed

18 September 2013

We welcome the Coalition Government’s commitment to delivering real improvements in education nationally

PDFElection: Coalition’s ‘No Cuts to Education’ Pledge Welcome

6 September 2013

Independent schools in Victoria will welcome the ‘no cuts to education’ pledge in the federal Liberal/National Coalition election policy update

PDFElection: Reduce School Regulations, Support Teachers

19 August 2013

Independent Schools Victoria wants election commitments that will reduce regulations and provice more support for teachers.

PDFSchool Funding Review Briefing Paper

18 July 2013

The Review of Funding for Schooling commissioned by the Australian Government in 2010 produced what was called the Gonski recommendations that were the basis for Better Schools: A National Plan for School Improvement (NPSI), now known as Better Schools for Australia, or simply the Better Schools Plan.

PDFSchool Funding – Progress but Schools have not Signed

10 July 2013

Today’s agreement indicates progress in resolving issues surrounding proposed school funding but no Independent schools in Victoria have signed an agreement with the Commonwealth.

PDFVictorian Government’s School Funding Offer Welcome

26 June 2013

Independent Schools Victoria welcomes what we hope will be a break-through by the Victorian Government in its negotiations with the Gillard government on school funding

PDFAustralian Education Bill 2012

5 June 2013

Amendments to the Australian Education Bill 2012 introduced into Parliament on 4 June 2013 detail the Australian Government’s National Plan for School Improvement including a Schooling Resource Standard funding model based on the recommendations of the Review of Funding for Schooling (the Gonksi review).

PDFQuestion for the PM: How much of the Gonski $9.8b is New Money?

19 May 2013

Independent Schools Victoria has written to the Prime Minister asking Ms Gillard to answer questions about funding of the National Plan for School Improvement announced in the Budget

PDFBackgrounder Paper – Questions about Budget Education Funding

19 May 2013

In the 2013/14 Federal Budget speech, the Treasurer, Mr Swan, promised that the government would provide ‘$9.8 billion invested in new school funding’.

PDFBudget – Concerns about ‘New’ Education Funds

15 May 2013

The more closely we examine the Budget, the greater is our concern that ‘new’ funding by the Australian Government for the National Plan for School Improvement (NPSI) is greatly exaggerated.

PDFWarning on Government School Funding Proposal

10 April 2013

Independent Schools Victoria cannot recommend at this stage that Member Schools accept the federal government’s proposed financial model in response to the Gonski review of school funding.