Media Releases – 2015 Archives

The Chief Executive, Michelle Green is the spokesperson for Independent Schools Victoria and appears in print and on radio and television.

Media seeking comments from Michelle Green should ring Tom Hyland on (03) 9825 7217 or on 0417 562 924.

2015 Media Releases

PDFSeeking Common Ground for the Common Good

1 December 2015

Independent Schools Victoria is concerned that a new report with the stated aim of informing public discussion about the school education system instead risks entrenching misconceptions and divisions.

PDFCritics of Independent Schools Cling to Clichés

23 July 2015

Ms Michelle Green, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Victoria, replies to a recent opinion in The Age, stating that education debate is often reduced to a clichéd recitation of stereotypes to create artificial all-or-nothing confrontations between government and non-government schools.

PDFCrime and Prejudice

14 July 2014

The Chief Executive of Independent Schools Victoria, Ms Michelle Green, talks about how the misuse of statistics to prove a point is not new.

PDFSexual Assault in Schools

6 July 2015

Ms Michelle Green, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Victoria, was contacted by The Sunday Age seeking comment for an article on the rate of sexual assaults in all Victorian schools.

PDFSince when has NAPLAN been a House Price Guide

3 June 2015

National tests should not be the only basis for selecting the best school for your child.

PDFSchool Choice is a Complex Issue

14 April 2015

Independent Schools Victoria welcomes the recent release of research into the contributors to the educational development of children, but is disappointed at the media focus on school sector as the key criteria of concern.

PDFWhich School? My school Important as ‘Starting Point’

5 March 2015

Independent Schools Victoria welcomes research showing that many parents are using My School as a ‘starting point’ when making a decision about the education of their children.