Independent Schools Victoria makes a significant contribution to the detailed examination of government and other policy matters.  We do so by bringing to the debate perspectives that have been developed over long periods of seeking and researching approaches in education, analysis, discussion and consultation.

At all times the views and proposals articulated in our submissions will reflect our Vision, as we :

  • advocate for excellence in education
  • champion member schools
  • support quality education
  • protect the right of parents to choose where and how their children are educated.

As the organisation that represents and supports member schools in Victoria we are dedicated to achieve the highest standards and assist our members in providing the best possible education outcomes for the citizens of tomorrow.

Our Member schools are diverse, reflecting various religious affiliations and educational philosophies.  Enrolments at individual schools range from 20 students to more than 3 000.  Most schools are in and around Melbourne, with a third scattered through Victoria.

Our schools are managed within Victorian and Australian government guidelines and regulations.  They follow a long tradition.  Independent schooling in Victoria began more than 160 years ago.

2016 Submissions

PDFSubmission to Industrial Relations Victoria on the Review of the Long Service Leave Act 1992 (Vic)

PDFSubmission to the Senate Select Committee on School Funding Investment