Submissions, Issue Papers

Independent Schools Victoria makes a significant contribution to the detailed examination of government and other policy areas related to education.

We make submissions to governments, to parliamentary committees and to education-related inquiries. We also prepare and publish issues papers and other reports on policy matters of particular interest to our diverse Member Schools, and on education more broadly.

The views and proposals articulated in our submissions, issues papers and reports will reflect our Vision, as we :

  • advocate for excellence in education
  • champion member schools
  • support quality education
  • protect the right of parents to choose where and how their children are educated.

2017 Submissions and Issue Papers

PDFComment on the Performance  Audit: Measuring the Impact of Australian Government School Funding

PDFSummary of Concerns with the National Workplace Relations System

PDFAustralian Government  Funding Arrangements and ‘Overfunded’ Schools

PDFResponse to the Review of the  Education and Training Reform Regulations

2016 Submissions and Issue Papers

PDFSubmission to Industrial Relations Victoria on the Review of the Long Service Leave Act 1992 (Vic)

PDFSubmission to the Senate Select Committee on School Funding Investment