Maximising Thinking and Learning through Online Neuroplasticity Training.

It is well accepted that the brain has the ability to adapt and change. Cognitive neuroscience examines the underlying structures and systems in the brain that are responsible for the way we process and assimilate information. It considers how we comprehend issues and develop realistic conclusions and plans to meet the various demands of life. Cognitive psychologists have combined new information of neuroplasticity research with digital technology to design online brain training programs.

Independent Schools Victoria has partnered with Cometrix to provide student-based cognitive training on the Cognisess Learn Platform.

Cognisess Learn, suitable for students 11 years of age and older, measures student development in four domains: cognitive, emotional, personality and wellbeing. Automated performance metrics are generated as students complete a series of games and response tasks, and their progress through the tasks is tracked over time.

A teacher or mentor mediates the program, and is there to assist students as they discuss the strategies that they are using as they play the games. They also receive information from their teacher about the cognitive and neurological basis of their own thinking and learning (metacognition).

Students are encouraged to relate their experiences using the games to other areas in their content learning, sport and everyday lives. Individual students can access their results and data at any time, and teachers can retrieve data from the entire cohort of students for analysis.

The Cognisess Learn program provides teachers with the ability to compare results across a cohort and form greater insights into students’ skills and capabilities and to differentiate learning programs on the basis of each student’s unique brain profile.

An information flyer is available for download below. For further information on the Cognisess Learn program, please contact Lili-Ann Kriegler, Coordinator, Early Years Services via email or on (03) 9825 7241.


PDFCognizance Flyer