Woman in seminar writing on paperAs Australia’s first Authorised Feuerstein Training Centre, Independent Schools Victoria is offering Feuerstein training to improve thinking skills and problem solving for all learners.

Feuerstein programs focusing on enhancing students’ cognitive functions to improve decision making, planning and flexible thinking are based on the internationally renowned work of Professor Reuven Feuerstein. They help participants regain confidence in their abilities to achieve their potential.
The Feuerstein programs have proven to be successful for:

  • students struggling with mathematics, science and other subjects
  • students with disabilities and learning difficulties
  • gifted students
  • people of all ages and abilities.

Hear more information on the program from Dr Jeanne Zehn, Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Trainer, and Genia Janover, Ambassador, as they explain how the Feuerstein program improves thinking skills and problem-solving for all learners.

The Programs

Instrumental Enrichment (IE) is taught and implemented through a set of instruments that serve as a curriculum and are transmitted through the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) – the interactive relationship that facilitates cognitive development. IE interprets and elaborates the student’s direct experience of the world. The two techniques can be applied:

  • as a ‘curriculum’ for enhancing thinking skills to support the content of the classroom
  • as a focused therapeutic intervention to overcome cognitive disabilities in learners due to genetic causes, traumatic injury, cultural deprivation or limited educational opportunityss
  • to prepare individuals to adapt to new occupational demands in the workplace.

An Interview with Dr Heidi Flavian

Dr Heidi Flavian, Head of Pedagogy at Achva Academic College in Israel, led the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Training at Independent Schools Victoria in September 2014.  During her visit to Australia, we interviewed Dr Flavian about the Feuerstein program in this in-depth, 15-minute interview.

The Instruments

The IE instruments are a carefully designed collection of tasks that impact on, and improve cognitive functions, which have been categorised and relate to three stages of a learning act: the input, elaboration and output phases.

The instrument tasks develop in complexity and in difficulty. The work is intensive and gains traction through repetition with variations. The mind is taught to be ordered and flexible. A mind that knows its own working is much more efficient than one that responds impulsively.

The mediator’s role does not end when the learner has undertaken tasks with a specific instrument. A key aspect of the Feuerstein methodology is to transcend the current learning space and time, and to enable the learners to project themselves into other situations in which the learning and processes will be relevant. This virtual transport of the general principles involved in thinking and learning is part of what makes the Feuerstein programs successful at transforming the brain and by extension, behaviour and learning.

IE Standard seeks to enhance fundamental thinking skills and provide students with concepts, strategies and techniques to function as independent learners.

IE Basic has been designed for younger students and less able learners and is offered in two modules covering eleven IE Basic instruments.

For more information on and of the Feuerstein programs, please contact Genia Janover or Diane Bourke on (03) 9825 7200, or click here to register.