IE in Action

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (IE) is a program that helps learners to process information more effectively. The various ‘instruments’ require the learner to use particular cognitive functions that helps them develop thinking techniques that not only enhance information processing skills, but enable them to function as an independent learner.

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment in the Classroom

Many Independent schools in Victoria have implemented IE in their classrooms. This video highlights how IE is being used in classrooms in Australia and the experiences of teachers and students in Victorian Independent schools.

Victory Lutheran College

Victory Lutheran College has successfully been implementing IE with their Year 7 students.  Hear why they introduced the program and the results from the principal, teachers, students and parents.

Christ Church Grammar School

Christ Church Grammar School, based in South Yarra, has been running IE classes with their early years students. Hear the Headmistress, Kindergarten Director and a parent share their experiences with the program and the differences that they have noticed in the students.

Teacher Testimonials

At a recent IE training session, we asked our teachers and mediators what appealed to them about the program and their experiences using it in the classroom. The comments were extremely positive. Many of the teachers acknowledged that the program teaches students ‘the thinking behind their thinking’ and that IE is a program for all ages and abilities. Hear of the wide range of positive outcomes these teachers experienced in their classrooms, ranging from improved student concentration, students implementing planning strategies and initiating their work promptly.