IE Standard Program

Woman writing in bookFeuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (IE) programs focus on achieving structural cognitive modifiability (SCM) at all ages and stages of development through the mediated learning experience.
Central to this change is:

  • the intentionality of the mediator to guide learning through the selecting, framing and interpreting of stimuli to invest meaning (significance and purpose) to the activity, and
  • the receptivity of the learner through attention, interest and focus.

IE Standard is designed to address all curriculum areas transmitted through the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) – the interactive relationship that facilitates cognitive development.

Student’s cognition can be augmented and refined through the mediation of a teacher trained to:

  • support emergent cognitive functions
  • improve absent or deficient  functions
  • enhance intrinsic motivation
  • develop social and emotional skills.

The IE Standard tasks do not require prior knowledge in any one content area. The IE materials are organised into 14 instruments consisting of paper and pencil exercises, extensive discussion and mediated learning that are aimed at developing specific cognitive functions, such as analytic perception, orientation in space and time, systematic data gathering, hypothesising and classification.

Through the IE curriculum participants develop skills such as:

  • competence – a belief in their own ability which increases motivation to attempt tasks
  • self regulation and control of behaviour
  • motivation to confront new and difficult tasks
  • a desire for change towards independence and autonomous learning

Who benefits from Instrumental Enrichment Standard?

The program is relevant for all learners from Year 4 (age 9) to adulthood and has been proven to be effective for The Feuerstein programs have proven to be successful for:

  • students struggling with mathematics, science and other subjects
  • students with disabilities and learning difficulties
  • gifted students
  • people of all ages and abilities.


Training is offered through The Development Centre in three five day modules covering the introduction each of the fourteen instruments. It is critical that participants have the opportunity to implement IE in their individual settings for 2-3 hours each week.

Module One explores IE, the MLE and the first four instruments.  Participants are expected to undertake the further two modules to complete the entire IE program, comprising a further ten instruments.

Module Two covers the second five instruments of IE and the MLE. Module Three covers the final five instruments and MLE.

For more information, please contact Genia Janover or Diane Bourke on (03) 9825 7200.