Junior Great Books

Junior Great Books is one of the programs offered by Independent Schools Victoria through the Great Book Foundation in the United States of America. Students engaging with Junior Great Books have demonstrated significant gains in reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing and positive attitudes toward reading. The program has been successful in training and developing teacher skills for working with students of all abilities and at all levels, providing new ways to build on their strengths.

Junior Great Books has been in Australia now for over 12 months. With the powerful combination of outstanding literature and shared inquiry discussions, Great Books Kindergarten to Year 12 program help students become independent readings and thinkers ready for the diverse demands of the 21st century.

Hear more information on the program from Linda Barrett, a Master trainer who has trained Victorian independent school teachers. Linda explains how the program operates and the outcomes being experienced.

For more information, please contact Diane Bourke, Project Manager, The Development Centre, on 03 9825 7236.