Junior Great Books Training

Two women looking at bookIndependent Schools Victoria is pleased to offer teachers the opportunity to learn the skills to engage students at all levels in rigorous philosophical enquiry and debate.

The Australian Curriculum General Capabilities calls for all teachers to create ‘a classroom environment called a community of inquiry, to support the development of thinking and discussion skills’.  The model places emphasis on possibilities and meanings, wondering, reasoning, rigour and logic.

Through the two day Junior Great Books program we are supporting teachers to learn new techniques that foster and support this Vision for our classrooms.

Training in the Junior Great Books program is facilitated by a trainer from the United States. The program gives teachers new ways to work with students by building on their strengths and assisting them to develop strategies and techniques that can be used across the curriculum.

Over the two days, using especially selected examples of literature of different genres, forms and cultures, teachers will learn how to promote not just reading and comprehension but critical thinking and the student lead sharing of ideas.

As an educator you are trained in the technique of discovering and posing specific questions to make you and your students wonder. The questions deliver the imperative for you and your students to weigh evidence, accommodate your points of view, interpret and explore motivations and expand your knowledge of humanity and the world.  The dialogue achieved during these discussions will surprise you.

This program gives teachers new ways to work with students by building on their strengths.  Junior Great Books training assists teachers to not only guide their students but learn much about their own teaching practice in facilitating true “communities of inquiry”.

Teachers are provided with the skills of shared enquiry to work with the full range of students in their classrooms. It is also suitable for special needs teachers who support teachers in mainstream classrooms or who work with groups of students on a withdrawal basis.

In the following videos teachers in the United States share their experiences of Junior Great Books training.

Great Books Great Teachers – Teacher Perspectives

Professional Learning – Teacher Stories

Journey to Excellence – Teacher Learning and Support

When Teachers Learn

For more information, please contact Diane Bourke, Project Manager, The Development Centre, on (03) 9825 7236.