Programs in US Classrooms

The Junior Great Books program provides teachers with an innovative technique suitable for all levels of schooling and students of mixed abilities.

All Junior Great Books programs use Shared Inquiry, a method of learning characterised by high quality literature, the teacher’s consistent use of open ended questions and a strong focus on interpretation.

Students are guided to think for themselves as all questions have more than one answer that can be supported by the text. With the help of the teacher’s and groups follow up questions students are able to develop an idea, support their idea with evidence from the text and respond to each other’s ideas. As students express their ideas their practice and develop the habit of reflective thinking.

Watch these USA experiences of Junior Great Books and the positive impacts the program has shown in classrooms.

Discussion Day – Explanation of JGB Discussion

Ooka – Example of the JGB Approach

S2 Discussions – Example of Guiding a JGB Discussion

View the video below for an introduction to the Junior Great Books Read Aloud program for Foundation to Year 1.

In this video, Adventure of Junior Great Books, a US primary school class shares their experience of learning to appreciate each other’s views and perspectives.

Boredom to Excitement follows a US middle years class in their experience of Junior Great Books.

For more information, please contact Diane Bourke, Project Manager, The Development Centre, on 03 9825 7236.