The Australian Classroom

Two women looking at bookJunior Great Books is making a difference in Australian classrooms through focusing on literature to promote reading, thinking and the sharing of ideas.

The starting point of the Junior Great Books program is a rich selection of high quality literature in many forms and from different cultures and times that engage students. All students gain from the program and international research has demonstrated that students with disabilities who have had teachers trained in Junior Great Books have achieved significant progress in a range of skills.

Another advantage of the program is that Junior Great Books teaches students to inquire, which ultimately improves their achievements in reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing, speaking and listening. It also helps them develop social and emotional competencies and skills, essential to be successful in school and life.

Students bring to this inquiry their individual wealth of knowledge and own unique perspectives. They learn to respect their own and others’ points of view because their responses and interpretations are highly valued.

This video highlights how Junior Great Books is being used in classrooms in Australia and the experience of students in Victorian Independent schools.