Leadership Programs Showcase

Independent Schools Victoria runs programs for schools leaders across career stages, from emerging and new leaders to those very experienced.

Their stories and expectations of professional learning are told here.

Accredited Leadership Programs

Hear from those who have attended our accredited leadership programs that enable them to further develop their leadership skills. These programs afford participants the opportunity to take an optional assessment, based on a school-focused project.

Successful completion of the assessment achieves credits towards a management qualification. Schools leaders tell their personal stories on how these programs helped them to fill gaps in their knowledge and how what they learnt was utilised back in their schools.


PDFLeadership Programs – Strategic Planning for Principals by Lisa Moloney

PDFLeadership Programs – Financial Management for Senior Leaders by Nicole Forrest

PDFBalancing Management and Leadership by Katrina Manson

PDFBalancing Management and Leadership by Rod Ramsay