Southern Cross

Achieve more with less in your school. The Southern Cross Program helps schools to improve efficiency and accomplish more through process and performance management.

The program focuses on Process and Performance Management (PPM) to align a school’s vision with operations, helping you to redesign and eliminate inefficient processes.  It uses cross-functional process methodologies to solve issues to empower your staff to instigate change and introduce solutions to improve efficiency, effectiveness, student engagement and achievement.

The Southern Cross Program is full of practical tools that have been applied by other sectors, and has been available in Australia through Independent Schools Victoria since 2011 as a result of working with the America Productivity and Quality Center (APQC).

Over 40 Victorian Independent Schools have been involved in the Southern Cross Program with positive results. Here is a list of all the projects undertaken so far. To find out more, watch Schools share their experiences with the Southern Cross Program.

The Southern Cross Program aims to equip school leadership participants with effective methods of improvement, ways to disseminate findings, how to break down silos and connect individuals and groups by providing them with the knowledge and intelligence they need to succeed in transforming their school.

The Southern Cross Program can help schools to:

  • define and clarify the problem being experienced
  • improve productivity and maximise resources
  • empower staff to instigate change
  • helps engage with local communities
  • ensures smooth implementation of initiatives.

In Southern Cross – Making it Real we have captured a collection of insights from Principals about the Southern Cross program and how it has helped their Schools.

For further information about the Southern Cross Pogram and how it can help you to improve efficiency and effectiveness at you school, please contact Peter Roberts, Director, School Services, on (03) 9825 7211.


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