School Expansion

See through the following case studies how the Southern Cross Program has proven invaluable in not only bringing about changes in the schools, but also in seeing the possibilities of further change in a wider range of school functions and processes. Participants are keen to apply the lessons learnt from the Southern Cross training to other aspects of the school.

Watch the Ilim College case study of their experience with the Southern Cross Program and their project to expand to a second campus in only five months.


Read about how schools have expanded through the below case studies:

PDFCreek Street Christian College – Planning for the Addition of an Early Learning Centre

PDFHoly Trinity Lutheran School – Expanding to a Middle School

PDFVictory Christian College – Expanding to Years 11 and 12

PDFIlim College – Expanding to a Second Campus

PDFSt Andrews Christian College – School Restructure to Junior, Middle, Senior

PDFVictory Christian College – Transition to VCE

We have also captured a collection of insights from Principals about the Southern Cross program and how it has helped their schools: Southern Cross – Making it Real.