June 2017Seminar NameCategory
Thursday 1The Role of Learning Support Assistants and Teachers Working with Students with Additional Needs Student Services
Friday 2Dealing with Difficult Personalities and Situations School Administration
Monday 5Blended Structure and Style in Writing Literacy (and EAL)
Inquiry Pedagogies for Teaching Primary Measurement (Day One of Two)Mathematics
Tuesday 6Teaching Students to Visualise in the Primary Mathematics Classroom Mathematics
Inquiry Pedagogies for Teaching Lower Secondary Measurement (Day One of Two)Mathematics
Staff Resilience is Student Resilience Student Services
Wednesday 7Strategic Marketing (Day One of Three)Leadership
Stress, Anxiety and Mindfulness – Building Resilience in the Workplace School Management
Thursday 8Strategic Marketing (Day Two of Three)Leadership
Staff Recruitment and Selection for Middle Leaders School Management
Friday 9Using Formative Assessment to DifferentiateCurriculum - Pedagogy
Helping Graduates Support Students with Language-Based Learning Difficulties within their Classrooms Student Services
Tuesday 13Back to Basics - Introduction to OHS for New and Inexperienced Managers School Management
Wednesday 14Experienced Leaders – Lead the Learning of Colleagues (Day Two of Three)Leadership
Thursday 15Masterclass in Restorative Practice Student Services
Friday 16[Re]Imagining Resistance Leadership
Monday 19Flip and Blend your Classroom Curriculum - Pedagogy
Science by Doing - Planning and Reflection (Day Two of Two)Curriculum - Pedagogy
Tuesday 20Strategic Marketing (Day Three of Three)Leadership
Wednesday 21The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (Day Two of Two)Leadership
Thursday 22The Big Six – Essential Skills for Learning to Read Literacy (and EAL)
Working with Students who Experience Loss and Grief Student Services
Friday 23Enrolments - VRQA Minimum Standards Compliance
Tuesday 27OHS for Experienced Managers School Management
Wednesday 28
Thursday 29An Invitation from Sir John Jones Leadership