October 2017Seminar NameCategory
Thursday 12Building a Culture of Critique WebinarCurriculum - Pedagogy
Monday 16Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills in Learners Curriculum - Pedagogy
The SMART Spelling Approach for Primary Classrooms Student Services
Tuesday 17Dyslexia – Core Skills for all Staff Student Services
Preschool Assistants – An Advanced Perspective (Day Two of Two)
Wednesday 18Classroom Technology – Powerful Tech Tools for Assessment and Feedback Curriculum - Pedagogy
Critical Incident Management School Management
Friday 20New Leaders – Develop the Skills of an Effective Leader (Day Three of Three)Leadership
Monday 23Student Assessment Project – Moving Forward: Teacher Observation Form Student Services
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (Day One of Two)Leadership
Tuesday 24The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (Day Two of Two)Leadership
Thinker in Residence – Reggio Emilia Intensive Program (Day One of Three)Early Years
Wednesday 25Confident Communications Skills (Day One of Two)School Administration
Thinker in Residence – Reggio Emilia Intensive Program (Day Two of Three)Early Years
Thursday 26https://services.is.vic.edu.au/ebiz/Meetings/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=5015Curriculum - Pedagogy
Thinker in Residence – Reggio Emilia Intensive Program (Day Three of Three)Early Years
Friday 27Exploring Challenging Mathematical Tasks – Multiplicative Thinking Mathematics
Leaders Influencing Teachers’ High Expectations Leadership
Monday 30Conversion Disorders, Depressive Disorders and Anxiety in Children Student Services