Sponsored Events

ISV’s vision is of a strong Independent education sector demonstrating best practice, providing excellent outcomes for students and choice for families. A key component of realising this vision is by supporting excellence in professional learning programs for school leaders, teachers and support staff by offering endorsed events through our partners.

Social and Emotional Learning from the Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence

Independent Schools Victoria is pleased to support this program being facilitated by Marc Brackett, PhD from the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, in conjunction with Girton Grammar School.

This highly interactive, two-day institute provides school administrators and educators with the foundational skills and tools to bring RULER to your school.

RULER is a CASEL SELect, evidence-based approach for social and emotional learning, co-developed by Marc Brackett, PhD, and colleagues at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

RULER helps students, educators and families develop the emotional intelligence skills needed to make sound decisions, foster healthy relationships, enhance wellbeing, and achieve desired outcomes at school, home and in the workplace.

Schools are required to send three team members to the training, including the school leader. This ‘implementation team’ then goes back and trains the rest of school staff.

Visit the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence website for further information and an application form that should be completed by Thursday 20 February 2018.