Leading Learning That Matters

In 2013, a group of experienced Independent school Principals began working with the Project Zero team from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to identify leadership practices needed to explore, plan and implement school innovations for 21st century learning.

Now, three years down the track, the team discuss the highlights and what they have implemented at their schools.

Leading Learning That Matters is an exciting three-year collaboration that sees experienced Principals working with Project Zero scholars who have extensive practical and research experience in educational change:

  • Professor David Perkins, Principal Investigator. David Perkins is the Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr., Research Professor of Teaching and Learning at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, recently retired from the Senior Faculty. He has conducted long-term programs of research and development in the areas of teaching and learning for understanding, creativity, problem-solving and reasoning in the arts, sciences and everyday life. He has also studied the role of educational technologies in teaching and learning, and has designed learning structures and strategies in organisations to facilitate personal and organisational understanding and intelligence.
  • Dr Daniel Wilson, Director and Principal Investigator. Daniel Wilson isthe Director of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he is alsoa Principal Investigator, a Lecturer, Faculty on the Doctorate for Educational Leadership, and the Educational Chair at Harvard’s ‘Learning Environments for Tomorrow’ Institute – a collaboration between the Harvard graduate schools of education and design. His teaching and writing explores the inherent socio-psychological tensions – dilemmas of knowing, trusting, leading and belonging – in adult collaborative learning across a variety of contexts. Specifically he focuses on how groups navigate these tensions through language, routines, roles, and artifacts.

Working with this team, the Principals are bringing benefits to their schools and communities in many practical ways.

This work is supported through residential workshops with local and international experts, an international study tour, including a customised residential seminar at Harvard University, site visits and meetings with international business leaders and the ongoing support from both the Harvard team and ISV.

We are excited that Michele Bernshaw, former Principal of The King David School, is joining ISV to assist with the ongoing development of this program. For more information, please contact Kate Anderson on (03) 9825 7230.