Future of Learning

Two adult female presenters in front of a seated adult group in the foreground.Independent Schools Victoria is offering Member School Principals an exciting extension to the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Future of Learning experience.

The Independent Schools Victoria program will augment the Institute program with an additional day at Harvard Graduate School of Education, developed specifically for our Member School participants. This unique and specifically designed program has been developed to focus on areas that impact directly on the future of teaching and learning in our schools. The program will prepare participants for and reinforce the Future of Learning themes.

This will be achieved through one-day seminars held in Melbourne both before and after the Future of Learning meeting. These days will be designed to reflect the specific interests and needs of Independent school participants.

The Institute program and Melbourne sessions will, among other things, explore what is known about globalisation, the digital revolution and mind-brain research and their influence on learning and education.
It will ask, for example, how should we rethink what:

  • could be done differently to meet the demands of learning in the future?
  • are the consequences of educational changes for learners and societies?
  • is our role as responsible 21st century educators?

New information and ideas will address today’s educational challenges, such as:

  • understanding better how students think and learn
  • the opportunities and challenges of social media
  • Australia’s relations with Asia.

The Independent Schools Victoria program aligns with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) National Professional Standard for Principals, which aim to guide self-reflection, self-improvement and development, and the management of self and others.

The Professional Standard notes that the world is rapidly changing, with people becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent. The Standard says that ‘education has a central and critical role in developing in all individuals the knowledge, understanding, skills and attributes to be successful citizens in the 21st century world. The interplay between the local, national and international environments is the context in which the Principal works’.

For more information, please contact Andrew Hay on (03) 9825 7250.