LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys

Review the effectiveness of your school with clarity and precision. Benchmark your performance against other Independent schools.

The LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys are for school leaders who want to make informed decisions on planning and resource allocation and gain a deeper understanding of their school.

The LEAD surveys are seven psychometrically-tested stakeholder surveys that are statistically proven by Cambridge University to measure school effectiveness.

The surveys give school leaders a 360-degree view of the complex, multi-faceted elements of school effectiveness through the eyes of students, parents, staff and board members – the stakeholders most likely to recommend your school to potential families.

Unlike other generic surveys, LEAD is the only service tailored specifically for the Independent education sector. This allows you to benchmark your school against similar Independent schools to know how you compare.

How can LEAD help you?

Contact Independent Schools Victoria’s Research Department to learn about our pricing structure and to find out how the LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys can benefit your school and community.

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