Critically Investigate and Challenge Practices from a Strong Evidence Base

To continuously improve requires looking beyond the familiar and devising innovative solutions. LEAD provides you with the evidence to understand school policies that are having a positive effect, and challenge established practices to create innovative responses to stubborn issues.

One of the advantages of the LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys is that questions are grouped into a series of externally validated domains of school effectiveness to help you make immediate sense of your school’s performance.

Underneath these domains, you will find a series of related questions that allow you to diagnose areas where the school is succeeding or where there is room for improvement.

This strong evidence base provides a platform from which to challenge existing practices and think critically about the school’s operations, which can lead to the development of fresh ideas that stimulate the process of continuous improvement that is so important in schools.

Making the most of your LEAD Data

The ISV School Improvement Team can assist you to design and implement appropriate strategies to improve your school’s performance across areas identified by LEAD as opportunities for improvement.

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