Check the Pulse on your School Community

Engaging with your stakeholders is critical, but in the day-to-day operations of a school, keeping track of the views of your community can be overlooked. LEAD helps you to keep your finger on the school’s pulse.

The LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys allow you to feel the pulse of the school and make informed decisions on planning and resource allocation.

From students and staff to parents and board members, LEAD provides you with the tools to forensically explore the perceptions of all stakeholder groups on how well the school is performing.

Not only can LEAD show you where your school is highly effective and point out potential areas for improvement, our comprehensive questionnaires allow you to drill down into your data with ease so you can pinpoint potential solutions to persistent issues and find explanations for your success.

Do the perceptions of your stakeholders match reality? With LEAD you can answer this question.

If you decide to complete the full suite of LEAD School effectiveness surveys, we provide you with an overarching LEAD Report, giving you a 360-degree analysis of your school’s effectiveness.

The LEAD Report matches your stakeholder perceptions with external data on your school, such as NAPLAN results, student attendance rates and staff retention, to determine if stakeholder perceptions of the school match reality. This allows you to draw even greater insights from your data and to prioritise areas for action.

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