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Secretariat contact details

Postal Address: PO Box 119 North Melbourne VIC 3051
Street Address: 40 Rosslyn Street West Melbourne VIC 3003

General Enquiries: 03 9825 7200
Fax: 03 9826 6066


Chief Executive(03) 9825 7200Michelle Green
Director, Strategic Relations(03) 9825 7210Kerri Knopp
Director, Education Services(03) 9825 7226Aine Maher
Director, School Services(03) 9825 7211Peter Roberts
Finance Director(03) 9825 7220Grant Smith
Ambassador(03) 9825 7200Michele Bernshaw
Ambassador(03) 9825 7200Genia Janover
Ambassador(03) 9825 7200Evelyn Sayers
Management Accountant(03) 9825 7244Robyn Kamvissis
Financial Accountant(03) 9825 7267Michelle Simmonds
Accounts Officer(03) 9825 7224Adel Talbot
Education Services
Project Officer, Student Display(03) 9825 7234Melinda Hargreaves
Education Consultant, Pathways(03) 9825 7246Pam Hargreaves
General Manager, Teaching and Learning(03) 9825 7250 Andrew Hay
Arts Education Programs Manager(03) 9825 7223Anne Smith
Executive Support
Executive Support Manager(03) 9825 7230Kate Anderson
Strategic Partnerships Manager(03) 9825 7227Liliana Casale
Executive and Marketing Assistant(03) 9825 7269Louise Kelly
Project Facilitator(03) 9825 7272Christine Lizzul
Executive Assistant(03) 9825 7273Aoife O'Toole
Executive Assistant(03) 9825 7222Fiona Tracey
Receptionist(03) 9825 7200Rachel Vandenberg
Administrative Assistant(03) 9825 7251Courtney Young
Funding and Accountability
Manager, Funding and Accountability(03) 9825 7228Nigel Bartlett
Analyst - Data, Outcomes and Evaluation(03) 9825 7258Rujuta Gohil
Analyst - Data, Outcomes and Evaluation(03) 9825 7242Natasha Tresham
Media and Communications
Social Media Manager(03) 9825 7288Michael Broadstock
Policy and Editorial Advisor(03) 9825 7212Shane Green
Media and Communications Advisor(03) 9825 7217Tom Hyland
Publications Advisor(03) 9825 7254Effie Lambert
Communications Project Manager(03) 9825 7268Rachel Peile
School Services
Manager, Digital Content(03) 9825 7260Irene Anderson
Project Manager(03) 9825 7236Diane Bourke
Senior Advisor, School Improvement(03) 9825 7257Julie Christopoulos
Principal Advisor, School Improvement(03) 9825 7249Jackie Macreadie
Principal Advisor - Innovation Practice(03) 9825 7275Kieren Noonan
Ambassador - School Improvement Programs(03) 9825 7262Alan Ross
Senior Advisor, School Improvement(03) 9825 7278Helen Schiele
Principal Advisor, School Improvement(03) 9825 7285Aynur Simsirel
Strategic Relations
Manager, Student Services(03) 9825 7204Elspeth Adamson
Employment Relations Advisor(03) 9825 7206Jacinta Andrews
Research Analyst, Strategic Relations(03) 9825 7229Asif Anwar
Employment Relations Advisor(03) 9825 7207Abby Austin
Research Administrator(03) 9825 7274Janice Boarder
Senior Employment Relations Advisor(03) 9825 7237Liz Gilmour
Coordinator, Early Years Services(03) 9825 7241Lili-Ann Kriegler
Senior Employment Relations Advisor(03) 9825 7215Felicity Nethercote
Manager, Research Programs(03) 9825 7248Michael Noonan
Research Officer(03) 9825 7283Winnie Wong
The Development Centre
Development Centre Manager(03) 9825 7225Sunshine Lagasca
Dean, The Development Centre(03) 9825 7247Karen Milkins-Hendry
Event Facilitator(03) 9825 7276Lyndal Paice
Program Manager(03) 9825 7256Sue Woodhams
Victorian Independent Schools Block Grant Authority Ltd (VIS BGA)
Program Officer, Capital Grants(03) 9825 7239Aisling Allen
Program Manager, Capital Grants(03) 9825 7213Rosslyn Culpitt
General Manager, VIS BGA(03) 9825 7287Angela Dynan
Administration Manager(03) 9825 7218Lindy McArdle
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